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Faculty Award for Scholarship

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Cristina Gilstrap, Ph.D, earns one of Drury’s top faculty honors

Cristina Gilstrap was one of two professors selected to receive Drury’s Faculty Award for Scholarship, an honor recognizing professors who contribute to new learning and advancement in their field. President Dr. David Manuel led the opening convocation of the 2013 – 2014 school year where Dr. Gilstrap and five other professors were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions.

This is just another addition to Dr. Gilstrap’s extensive list of scholarly accomplishments. Her most recent publication is a chapter in the edited book Volunteering and Communication: Studies from Multiple Contexts (2013) by Dr. Micheal Kramer.  The chapter examines the context of hospice care, specifically the experiences of healthcare professionals, families, and volunteers. Not only has Dr. Gilstrap pushed herself professionally, she has also mentored and encouraged her students to develop their own scholarly interests.  Students in Dr. Gilstrap’s undergraduate and graduate classes have presented numerous posters and papers at the Central States Communication Association. Congratulations, Dr. Gilstrap!


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