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Student Profile: Kate Elam

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kateelamThree majors and two internships are no problem for senior Kate Elam


To say that Kate Elam has diverse interests is an understatement. A May 2014 graduate, Kate will leave Drury with degrees in communication studies, international politics, and German. She will also enter the workplace with experience in nonprofit communication and the health care industry.

Kate is currently working as an administrative assistant at HealthTronics, a company that provides equipment to urologists to improve care for patients. In this role she runs assessment reports for urologists as part of a federal incentives program and creates visual tools to illustrate and measure treatment progress.

Her ongoing internship is serving as a needs assessment assistant for the Hamel’s Foundation. Created by a former Philadelphia Philly Cole Hamel and his wife Heidi, the Hamel’s Foundation strives to improve students’ lives through education. As a needs assessment assistant, Kate meets with school officials to gauge an institution’s needs and she maintains contact with donors and schools involved with the Hamel’s Foundation.

Kate’s favorite part of the Hamel’s Foundation internship has been helping to coordinate fundraising events. Last December, Cole and Heidi Hamel hosted an event called Diamond in the Rough where they sold keys that could potentially unlock a box containing a pair of diamond earrings. The owner of the lucky key left the event early without opening the winning box. Kate learned about on-the-spot problem-solving when event organizers decided to auction off the diamond earrings and ended up raising even more money for schools in the Springfield and Ozark areas.

“While working at the Hamel’s Foundation, I’ve learned that nonprofit work can be tough. It can be tedious and frustrating, but it is also incredibly rewarding. I greatly value the personal connections I have made.” 


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  1. What the article doesn’t say is that she’s also got a great cat.

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