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Alumni Profile: Brandy (Gordon) Pollack

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Brandy (Gordon) Pollack

Class of 2007

Brandy Pollack
Teacher. Author. Wife. Akita breeder. There is no question that Brandy (Gordon) Pollack has been busy since earning her communication degree in 2007.

Brandy is a communication arts teacher in the Crawford County R-II School District. Interestingly, she did not set out to be a teacher. “I am not where I expected to be!” says Brandy. While working as a teaching assistant in a master’s program at Southern Illinois University she quickly figured out that she thoroughly enjoyed the role of teacher. Now she teaches 7th grade students writing and speaking skills.

Brandy’s love of writing led to the recent publication of a fictional suspense book titled D-Card, written under her pseudonym Jean Gordon. She will be in Springfield for a book signing at The Library Center (4653 S. Campbell Ave.) on Saturday, November 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What else is on Brandy’s plate? She married David in 2011 and is preparing to launch a business showing and breeding Akitas, a breed of dog originating from Japan.


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