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Faculty Profile: Dr. Sun-Young Park

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Dr. Sun-Young Park focuses her research energies on health communication

Just before school began in August, Dr. Sun-Young Park packed her bags for Washington, D.C. to attend the annual convention for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. AEJMC features sessions on research and teaching in the areas of advertising, public relations and journalism. Over the past five years that Dr. Park has been a member of AEJMC, she has presented five conference papers.

Her most recent project studied 262 students to see how they reacted to promotion focused advertisements versus prevention focused advertisements dealing with high risk drinking. Dr. Park’s research interest in high risk drinking behaviors is driven by evidence that claims 36% of college students are involved in dangerous drinking and that 81% of them engaged in the behavior on campus.

This is not the first paper that Dr. Park as written on this topic. While working on her doctorate at the University of Florida, Dr. Park presented papers that investigated the effects of message content moderated by social norms like peer pressure and individual drinking levels (light drinkers versus heavy drinkers). She has also authored a paper evaluating the effects of responsible advertising campaigns sponsored by alcohol companies and nonprofit organizations with a focus on the ethics of industry-sponsored responsible drinking campaigns.

Dr. Park teaches several undergraduate classes including Principles of Advertising and Public Relations, Advertising and PR Research & Strategy, and Ad Team. She also teaches two courses in the department’s graduate program focusing on research and integrated marketing communications. Dr. Park is a wonderful example of how effective teaching and research go hand-in-hand.


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