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Alumni Profile: Aaron Robison

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Aaron Robison

Aaron_Robison 20132011 graduate with a degree in advertising, arts administration, and design arts

Marketing/events coordinator for Central States Beverage Co.

Aaron Robison is a jack-of-all-trades.

After working his way up from a successful experience in radio to a position with the Springfield Cardinals, he took a position with Kansas City’s Central States Beverage Co., the oldest beverage distributor in the nation and winner of the Craft Beer Distributor 2013 Achievement Award.

Aaron’s job is to oversee the execution of all marketing tactics for the business’s products (MillerCoors, Boulevard, Mother’s, Sam Adams, Guinness/DIAGEO, Lagunitas, and others) in the Kansas City metropolitan area. His responsibilities include social media, point-of-sale items, outdoor advertising, events planning, promotions, media relations and public relations.

Despite his busy work schedule, Aaron also has had some personal successes. Last year, he was the youngest to receive the AAF (American Advertising Federation) of the Ozarks’ “Best In Show” Broadcasting Award for a radio spot he wrote. Aaron said he’s sure that his friends family and Drury alumni have been strong contributors to his success:

My education played more than a big part in getting me to where I am. A Drury education stands out in a stack of applications and résumés partially because being such a small liberal arts school, it’s almost a guarantee there isn’t another applicant in that pile that’s similar. 

Aaron says that Drury University’s name carries a higher standard, and employers learn the quality of the Drury brand quickly, whether or not they have heard of the university before.  He also insists students take public speaking (Comm 211): “Seriously — best class ever.”

During his time at Drury, Aaron was an active member of the Ad Team. He remembered the satisfaction after presenting the team’s work at the regional competition:

The feeling of driving home the final takeaway during the NSAC (AAF’s National Student Advertising Competition) presentation, knowing you nailed it and feeling that surge of confidence/relief after working all year on a campaign that takes so much of you and your team, going back to the room to discuss it with your group and feeling so good — that takes the cake. Win or lose, nobody can take what Ad Team gives you. It’s helped me understand so much in the real world.


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