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Faculty News: Professors Curt and Cristina Gilstrap to present at national conference

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PrintThis November, two Department of Communication professors traveled to Washington DC for the 2013 National Communication Association conference. Curt and Cristina Gilstrap both presented papers at this year’s annual conference. Cristina presented on Thursday, Nov. 21 in the Health Communication Division. She co-authored a paper titled “Walking on Hallowed Ground”: A Metaphorical Analysis of Home Hospice Nurses’ Experiences with Patients. This paper conveys the results of a study in which they analyzed metaphors used by hospice workers when describing their field.

Curt Gilstrap has authored a paper in the Environmental Communication Division titled ‘ “We’re Stewards, We’re Consumers, We’re Animals”: How Ecopreneurs Construct Stakeholders and Human-Nature Connection’ which was presented Friday, Nov. 22.  This paper explored how ecoprenuers create relationships between stakeholders and the environment. Cristina Gilstrap also  co-authored this composition.

For more information about the conference and the papers presented:

Health Communication Division

Environmental Communication Division



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