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Dr. Curt Gilstrap launches Speech Videos website

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The always industrious Dr. Curt Gilstrap has launched yet another new project. Speech Videos is a Video Learning Management System (VLMS) that hosts videos of speeches from numerous sites across the Internet.

Speech Videos allows students to easily search for videos by type and content which allows them to supplement the content of textbooks they already own. It is an open databases that allows professors and student to upload and save their own videos to the site which can be analyzed and archived in a protected environment. Additionally, each video has assessment forms which makes it possible for students to critique a speech while watching it.


Speech Videos can be used by instructors to create lecture and class exercises. An education wall allows only students, professors and collegiate speech lab mentors to view and evaluate videos. This fee-based service is nearly half the cost of other VLMS sites. All functions on the website are accessible on mobile devices and tablets.

Dr. Gilstrap hopes to double the number of videos with assessment forms by January 2014 and welcomes feedback for improving the site. He is both pleased and proud to provide an affordable educational resource that gives students, teachers, and curious individuals access to an expansive database of speeches.


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