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Alumni Profile: Tina Athanasiadis


Tina Bond Street

A hip hop artist and real estate powerhouse… all in one

“If you don’t know what you will be doing after graduation, it’s okay. As long as you do something, anything, it will help to figure out what you’re not good at or don’t like and that will get you closer to figuring out what is best for you.”

Krystina Athanasiadis (class of ’09) or Tina to her friends, will be the first to tell you she had no idea what she wanted to do after college. So she took a leap of faith, packed her bags and took off to the Big Apple. The risk has paid off with a rewarding career in real estate and the opportunity to connect with music producers to develop her Bouboulena music brand.

Tina moved to New York City with few resources but a lot of determination. “I found a dilapidated studio sublet in SoHo, took a job as a waitress to pay for rent and food and loved every moment of my new adventure.”  She soon found a job in a financial service company and discovered she enjoyed being her own boss with full control over her personal development and income.

As a Real Estate Team Leader at Spire Group NY, Tina works as a “go to” for buyers/sellers, hoteliers, and developers to create real estate partnerships and deals. She also works as an investor renovating townhouses and run-down properties.

Tina believes communication has been the key to her success.  She majored in Integrated Media at Drury and even though she did not have an educational background in finance, she used her communication abilities and work ethic to move up in the real estate world. Late nights and early mornings over the past year have resulted in the opportunity to work with the top 1% of buyers and sellers in the NYC market. But it’s not all work for Tina; there’s always room for a little hip hop music to feed her creative soul.

Known as Bouboulena in the music world, Tina is putting together her new 7-song EP with the help of music industry experts who have worked with French Montana and Drake. Her dance tracks are often heard in NYC clubs. “It is fun and I am looking forward to seeing how this aspect of my life progresses.”

Tina feels fortunate to be living a life she loves and reminds students that passion and hard work can turn dreams into reality.

“Just be honest and do the right thing and you will succeed. Believe in yourself with one hundred percent conviction and others will believe in you too and will want to be associated with a winner. The best advice I could give really is to venture outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t be afraid of failure. Before you become entrenched in responsibility and obligation to others, discover everything you can about the world and yourself. That is the only way you will ever grow and determine your potential and success.” 

Keep an eye out for the release of Tina’s EP later this spring and connect with Bouboulena on Facebook.


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