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Student Profile: Ricardo Moreno

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Visual communication student embraces NSAC challenge for second consecutive year Photo 1

Armed with a passion for design and a strong endorsement from peers, Ricardo Moreno joined Drury’s AD Team in the Spring 2013 semester to work on the Glidden paint brand account as part of the AAF National Student Advertising Competition. One semester on the team and a second place finish at the District 9 event was all it took to convince him to come back for a second round with the team.

This time he fills the shoes of creative director.

AD Team is comprised of students who are majoring in visual communication/design, advertising & public relations, multimedia production, and marketing. This year’s team will help Mary Kay reach the Millennial audience by crafting a $10 million IMC campaign to increase awareness of MK products and independent business consultant opportunities.

Nearly 30 students have joined the 2014 team, resulting in the largest group of creative talent in the team’s 17-year history. As Creative Director, Ricardo is coordinating the efforts of art directors, copywriters, videographers, photographers and presentation designers.

“It’s been a good experience to coordinate and organize a campaign from the ground up.”

The team is using Pinterest to collect ideas and images for inspiration. Students are linked to one board where they pin and re-pin design ideas and bookmark helpful websites. The team has also divided into smaller brainstorming groups to isolate audience insights and develop message strategy. Ricardo is optimistic the team will do well at the District 9 event on April 11 in Kansas City. Drury’s AD Team tied for second place in 2013.

“Last year’s experience on AD Team was a truly unique and incredibly useful experience for everyone involved. I was more than a little intimidated at first, but after a few weeks we settled on a big idea and everything began to make sense. It was a huge, multi-faceted design project. One of my favorite parts of AD Team was the fact that it was interdisciplinary, and thus represented quite a few diverse majors and departments across campus.”

Ricardo particularly appreciated the fact that the decisions made by the group were grounded in research and the team could articulate solid reasons for their design executions.

“Working on the NSAC case study is good practice for the real world since it will be a rare occasion where I am able to take on a project and do whatever I desire, regardless of client wishes or research. AD Team has been one of the highlights of my Drury career, and I’m excited to be taking it on again, this time with more experience, a bigger team, and serving as creative director!”

In addition to his work on AD Team, Ricardo has tackled two internships at local nonprofit organizations which has allowed him to create various promotional materials for his portfolio. He assisted in the branding of Harmony House’s 1st Annual Leather and Smoke motorcycle ride and he updated the visuals for the annual Heart for the Arts event for the Springfield Regional Arts Council. Both internships were amazing learning experiences.

While his design work keeps him busy, he loves listening…some might say binging…on music.

“I’d say I have a mini-obsession with music listening and music discovery. I can easily while away the hours by just letting one track or artist lead to a similar artist, leading to a similar artist, and so on.”

While at Drury, Ricardo has also contributed his talents to Drury’s Enactus team by developing the EcoScore app. He will graduate in May 2014 with a diverse body of work and leadership experience. Alumni looking for an outstanding designer can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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