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Student Profile: Kaitlyn Schwers

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Schwers headshotA passion for journalism and writing leads to internship as a news producer at KSMU Radio

For Kaitlyn Schwers, news isn’t just on the TV or radio; it’s everywhere. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to report on local news by interning at KSMU public radio station in Springfield, Mo.

As a news producer  at KSMU during the summer of 2013, Kaitlyn gathered interviews, sound bites, and other needed information to produce stories on the news, events, and people of Southwest Missouri.  Whether working with an assigned story or an orginal idea, Kaitlyn wrote a script  and then pre- recorded the piece for airing at a future time. In addition to the radio broadcast of her stories, her work appeared online.  An archive of Kaitlyn’s articles can be found here. 

One story in particular provided Kaitlyn with a valuable learning experience. As a reporter, she understands the importance of gathering information from all  parties involved. In this case, Kaitlyn was writing a story on a group of people who were counter- protesting another group in the downtown Springfield area.

“The story contained some controversy—any story that has to do with religion is always going to cause disagreements — but I felt like it was good practice for me to get comfortable speaking with a variety of people with other perspectives.”

Kaitlyn was extremely happy with the outcome of the story coverage. Comments on the article, both positive or negative, brought more attention to the story than she ever could have imagined.

“My job was to go downtown during Art Walk and talk to both of these groups so I could write a balanced story on these people and their goals.  My editor was happy with what I wrote and said I did an excellent job.” 

Kaitlyn will graduate in May 2014 with majors in Multimedia Production & Journalism and Writing. She is the student web beat reporter for Drury’s web services and campus news editor for the Mirror. As you might expect, she is eager to pursue opportunities that allow her to put her writing talents to work.


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