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2013 – 2014 Department of Communication Awards

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The Department of Communication student awards were announced on April 29 at the 2nd annual Shewmaker Celebration event.

2013-2014 Department of Communication Awards
  • Sheila Haskins, Outstanding Advertising/Public Relations Major
  • Mykesha Jackson, Outstanding Communication Studies Major
  • Kaitlyn Schwers, Outstanding Multimedia Production & Journalism Major
  • Taylor Sade, Outstanding Signature Project
  • Elizabeth Penfold, Outstanding Communication Minor
  • Emelia Enquist, Ron Schie Award
  • Taylor Curtis, Rising Star Award
  • Cathy Robinson, Rising Star Award
  • Jacy Shaw, Rising Star Award
  • Kyungmin Kim, Rising Star Award
  • Hadeil Ali, Rising Star Award
  • Abigail Whisnant, Outstanding DUTV Video Producer

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