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Student Profile: Jackie Meyle

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disssssneyA semester internship at the “Happiest Place on Earth” is a great way to learn about marketing communication

During the spring 2014 semester, advertising and public relations major Jackie Meyle moved to Florida to complete an intensive internship at the Disney College Program. As a student and cast member of Disney World, Jackie had the opportunity to take courses in marketing and public relations while getting hands-on experience interacting with park guests and marketing products at Mouse Gear, the largest store in EPCOT.

“I gained a wealth of knowledge from the marketing and public relations department at Disney world. Disney is such a large and successful company and learning about their practices was an invaluable experience.”  


Beyond learning information related to her major, she also learned the realities of life and death challenges that can be experienced at a theme park. One memorable moment involved assisting a park guest who was having heart-related issues. Jackie took action to save another’s life.

“I did not have time to call for a coordinator. We are taught to help the guest first.” 

graduation disneyJackie called 911 and followed the operator’s instructions to calm the guest while keeping the situation under control until medical treatment could be administered. It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in, but Jackie learned a great deal about how to handle an emergency situation.

Jackie’s supervisors noticed her talents and abilities. She was chosen to be in an EPCOT telecast, and her photo and story were featured in an informational pamphlet. These spots are given to cast members who are excellent representatives of Disney.

“Many people who have been there 15+ years have never made it onto the telecast. Being able to represent Disney as well as Drury University was amazing.”

Jackie is grateful for her time at Disney. Only 25 percent of approximately a quarter-million applicants are chosen for the Disney College Program.



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