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Alumni Profile: Shannon Huett

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Shannon proves that following your heart can present a world full of opportunities

As a college student, Shannon Huett (’06 and ’08) could not have imagined her career path would take her halfway across the world as a missionary. Her peers, on the other hand, knew she was destined to serve others.

Shannon is a missionary associate with the Assemblies of God World Missions in Tallinn, Estonia. Her missionary role allows her to do all of the things she loves: working with people , consulting, traveling, and communicating with international audiences. As she began to gravitate toward her work with the church, those around her encouraged her to pursue her dream to the fullest extent possible.

“Others saw things in me that I did not. The support from those in my life has placed me here in Estonia. Being faithful to do the things that I love is what motivates me , not the money that I thought I needed to earn when I was in college.” 

Estonia-mapEstonia is located in the Baltic region of northern Europe. She has helped launch Focus Church and is in charge of public relations, marketing, and leading connection groups. She electronically engages the community through Facebook, Twitter and the church website.

As an undergraduate, Shannon majored in communication and psychology. She continued her graduate studies at Drury and earned a MBA in 2008. Shannon appreciates her connection to the Department of Communication and fondly recalls a visit with a professor after she graduated with her bachelor’s degree. She loved being able to sit across from her former teacher and simply talk as a friend.

“I have taken the time to reflect on the growth I experienced as an undergraduate and I  have realized how much my Drury professors invested in me.”   

When she is not busy working to advance Focus Church, Shannon enjoys running. She has completed two marathons, one in Canada and another in Tallin, Estonia. She enjoys swimming and uses these athletic experiences as a way to remember something special about each country or city she visits. She is also learning to speak Russian and Estonian to assist with her job of communicating with the local community members.

Shannon offer this piece of advice to students:

“Network with everyone! Don’t ever discount a person because it seems like they can’t help you or because you feel you are on different professional levels. Network with people and never be afraid to ask!” 


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