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Student Spotlight: Christopher Lynn

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Student videographer uses the Signature Project to help a local nonprofit

Senior Christopher Lynn was capturing video on Commercial Street for an assignment when he realized what he wanted to do for his Senior Seminar Signature Project. He noticed the number of individuals and families who were struggling to take care of the basics –food, shelter and employment. He was curious. He knew they had a story to tell, and he wanted to share it.  chris lynn Chris reached out to the Victory Mission with an idea. He wanted to use his video skills to showcase how the organization helps people living in poverty. By creating three videos, he could provide organizational leaders with the visual resources needed to illuminate the Mission’s work  and support their development/fundraising efforts.

My goal is to use video to expand the Victory Mission’s online reach. By updating their video presence, I can help support a great cause. If the online community hears the stories of those who need the organization’s services, then maybe I can help Victory Mission raise much needed funds.”

Chris’s videos gives the organization’s leaders additional versatility in telling their message.  Links to the videos can be shared via social media, posted in a newsletter, or embedded in their website. One of Chris’s goals was to allow people to share their own stories. As a result of meeting clients, he decided to tell the stories of David’s  involvement with the 12/12 program, Raymond and the Victory Trade School, and Angelia and the family ministry. When Chris isn’t working on videos for class, he pursues his love for RC car racing and nurtures an emerging passion for  aerial videography. His hand-eye coordination and skills with the remote control allowed for an easy transition to using drones and attached cameras. He is amazed with the footage he can gather with an aerial view.

“I discovered this new interest after my friend who is a video producer said I should check out this new thing called aerial videography. Since I geek out over the latest cameras, steadi cams, and gimbals, I think aerial videography is a perfect fit for me.”

Chris graduates in December 2014 from Drury with a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Production and Journalism.


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