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Alumni Profile: Dionne (Beaty) Reese ’02

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Alumna Dionne (Beaty) Reese ’02 embraces the helping role of account services


Dionne has been married to Casey for 11 years. They have a 5 year old son named Asher.

Right out of college, Dionne Reese ’02 accepted an internship position with the Willow Creek Association, a nonprofit Christian organization in the Chicago area. She loved nonprofit work, but the 9/11 tragedy led to a hiring freeze in many organizations and job options were limited. That’s when opportunity called her back to Springfield and she accepted a position as an assistant account executive at Noble Communications +.

“I used to struggle with not working for a nonprofit or other worthy cause, but soon I realized advertising lets me help people, too. I get to help my clients meet their objectives and hopefully make their lives a little easier. By helping my clients, I’m helping their customers which may mean customers see their dreams come true with the products or services my client offers.”

Dionne worked at Noble for almost 10 years and eventually made the move to the Marlin Network, an agency focused on food service,  where she is now an account supervisor.  She attributes her success to never thinking something was beneath her. Dionne reminds students “You never know who is watching and who will be impressed by the little things.”  As an account supervisor, she makes sure that everything on her client account is running smoothly. Dionne interacts with a variety of individuals each day to make sure that the account is staying on budget and on strategy. 

“No day is like the last. I have to stay flexible and ready to jump to the next thing.”

While launching a successful career in advertising, she has also created a family that brings her much joy. She has been married to Casey for 11 years and they are raising their 5-year old son, Asher. As evidenced in the accompanying photo, motherhood suits Dionne quite nicely.

For those students counting down the days to graduation, Dionne offers a valuable piece of advice:

“When you are right out of college, don’t be afraid to go to a new and different place. It’s one of the only times in your life where you don’t have commitments keeping you from following your dream.” 


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