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2015 Drury AD Team

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Ad Team lives on as these students prepare for this year’s competition creating a campaign for Pizza Hut.

2015 Drury AD Team
Client:  Pizza Hut   Campaign:  Feed the Moment
AAF District 9 NSAC Recognition: Best Plans Book Copywriting

AD Team 2015 bwTeam Leaders:

Kari Hanson, Account Executive
Logan Ponche, Co-Creative Director
Nick Amman, Co-Creative Director

Art Directors:
Cameron Duneman, Micha Willis, Danielle Linderman, Cody Stepp, and Jamie Carney

Director of Copywriting:
Cathy Robinson
Geena Davis and Hannah Heinzler

Interactive Director: Katherine Wilson
Media Director: Jackie Meyle
Media Specialist: McKensie Hodges             

Social Media Strategist:  Marisa Schmidt
Social Media Coordinators:  Whitney Brown and Albert Lloyd

Selfie taken during the AD Team pitch to the NSAC judges.

Selfie taken during the AD Team pitch to the NSAC judges.

PR Director:  Natasha Sanford
PR Coordinators:  Hannah Shirley, Megan Goosey, and Kayla Nichols

Research Coordinator: Sam Behen

Presentation Team:

Kari Hanson, Logan Ponche, Nick Amman, Albert Lloyd, and Natasha Sanford     (Alternate:  Marisa Schmidt)



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