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Web Communication student creates movie review website for fans of horror flicks

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maggieJunior Maggie Sholes, a student in Dr. Groves’ Web Communication course (COMM 386), decided to use her web development skills to help out fellow horror flick fans by creating a new movie review website Quick and Painless.

I’m a big horror movie fan, but my college student budget doesn’t allow me to go see the latest movies in theaters or rent a new movie every night.

Thus, Maggie saw a need she could fulfill with her web communication project. She loves horror movies, but hates spending too much time on Netflix trying to find a good movie. Quick and Painless provides horror fans with accessible reviews in one place. In order to create this site, Maggie has invested considerable time in watching and reviewing every horror movie on Netflix so she can provide her visitors with accurate and helpful information. 

I have to watch every horror movie on Netflix in order for my website to be helpful to anyone. Not that I’m complaining; I love horror movies. But I have to watch the bad ones in order to tell people that they’re bad.

Beyond time spent on watching movies, Maggie has spent 30+ hours working on the website. Each movie has a completed page, including a QP Rating, identification of its sub-genre, a selection of excerpts from trusted critics’ reviews, the movie poster, and the official trailer. There are also links to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Amazon as well as the link to the movie on Netflix.

 I learned that consistency and meaningful content are the most important components to a successful website. I’ve had a lot of experience designing websites, but creating content that people actually want to read and come back to again is the hard part. Your site can look great and be functional, but if you don’t have good content, it’s all worthless.

The knowledge and skills Maggie has gained from her Web Communication class is invaluable as the demand for professionals who are able to create websites and web content continues to rise.

Maggie is majoring in Graphic Design, Design Arts, and Writing.


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