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Alumni Profile: Janet Levy

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“I get up every day and absolutely love what I do, I truly think I am doing something that makes a difference, and I am passionate about it every day.”

Working for a small advertising agency in Springfield felt like a natural path for a public relations major coming out of college, but Janet Levy needed more fulfillment. “Don’t be afraid to do something that may not be the best fit, at least that way you know for sure you don’t enjoy it. That is how my first job was, for me. It was not cutting it; I needed more.”

Janet is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.  The foundation’s mission focuses on saving lives and ending breast cancer through strategic development and implementation.  Janet oversees all of the communication and marketing initiatives.  She also manages traditional and digital media, website content, electronic communication and crisis communication.

Sure your paycheck may not be what it could be and you may work longer hours, but it is personally rewarding.  I love my job and the people I work with, I know they all are just as passionate about the organization as I am.  There is a sense of security within the job. In the corporate world, the employees are targeted as the problem if a company is not making money. We are focused on something bigger.”

While in high school Janet thought she would study at Mizzou. After visiting Drury, Janet knew she would experience great things here.  Janet was drawn to the small class sizes and personal connections, but she was especially drawn to the liberal arts aspect of the education.  Working as the editor in chief of the Drury Mirror was an experience that shaped Janet for professional success.

“I still read the Drury Mirror; it was one of my best experiences at Drury.”

The Mirror taught Janet how to edit, write, and interview. If Janet could offer any insight to current students it would stem from college experience.  “Try new things, be involved and be engaged,” encourages Janet.

Janet has continued her philanthropy passion through her contribution and dedication to her sorority.  Zeta Tau Alpha’s official philanthropy is breast cancer and awareness. While a Zeta in college, Janet held a few leadership positions. Janet is now the District President of Zeta in the St. Louis area. Susan G. Komen’s mission is to save lives and ending breast cancer through the strategic development. This organization promotes the awareness of breast cancer and fundraises to support the fight. Being Zeta alumni has expanded Janet’s experience as a Zeta and a breast cancer awareness supporter.

“Some of my best friends are now Zeta’s that I never knew in college, I work with them and I never knew the networks would be so powerful, I am glad to be where I am now”.

Janet has showcased her experiences from Drury as crucial to her current career and professional development.  Janet encourages obtaining one’s skills and passions cohesively.  Whether it be corporate or nonprofit, love what you do.

Profile written by junior Megan Goosey


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