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Alumni Profile: Cecily Robertson ’12

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Cecily Robertson is a copywriter at the Marlin company advertising agency in downtown Springfield where she works with local and national brands.

Her everyday tasks include brainstorming, creating new concepts, and collaborating with others. She’ll lather, rinse, repeat until the ad is perfect to present to the client.

This cycle of revisions, paired with a healthy dose of constructive criticism from her colleagues, contributes to her success as a writer.  Cecily learned to embrace feedback and develop a tough skin while at Drury.

During Cecily’s sophomore year, she was faced with the task of declaring a major. In a knee-jerk reaction, she chose to major in Advertising and Public Relations as well as French. That quick resolution was followed by two years of work that set her up perfectly for her current position, which happens to be in a field she loves.

As a freshman, she wasn’t even aware that copywriting was a career option. But she credits her knowledge, skills and connections to her professors and advisers, stating, “I would have been totally lost without them.”

cr2Cecily was a member of Drury’s Ad Team and found that it paralleled professional work experience.  “Some of the most inspirational pieces of work I got to do were at Drury because of the creative freedom the classes provided.”

While spending eight to nine hours a day at her office desk was a bit of an adjustment, she has plenty of activities outside of work to mix up her routine. Cecily tutors high school students in French to keep her skills fresh. She also enjoys unwinding her mind while tangling her limbs with a little yoga. This might explain the following advice she offers to students:

“Be flexible… think of ideas as something that can grow and be nurtured. They aren’t concrete or personal.”

Profile written by Hannah Heinzler


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