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Annual Drury Awards showcase Communication students, faculty

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In addition to the Shewmaker Awards, every year, Drury hands out awards to outstanding students, faculty, and organizations on campus that represent the best and brightest of all of Drury. There are many awards to be given out, some of which are department- or program- specific, but Communications students and faculty rolled in a variety of the awards this year.

The Comm Department is proud of all students and faculty, who we get to brag are the most involved and influential on campus!


Michaela Remijio

Sorority Member of the YearMichaela Remijio (Junior, Ad/ PR)

Outstanding Community Engagement- Michaela Remijio

Outstanding Student Involvement- Michaela Remijio and Payton Stringer (Junior, Strat Comm)

Kaitlyn Schumacher




Drury Difference Maker- Kaitlyn Schumacher (Senior, Multimedia Production & Journalism)

Jessie Barton


Organization Officer of the Year- Jessie Barton for Zeta Tau Alpha (Senior, Comm Studies

Jessie Barton and Jasmine Chuah (Senior, Comm Studies) were also finalists for the Outstanding Senior Woman Award.

Rick Maxson



Student Organization Adviser of the Year- Rick Maxson for DUkes

In addition, several Communication organizations were nominated for awards; DUTV and KDRU were both in the running for Most Improved Organization of the Year.

Congratulations to the winners- keep doing you!



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