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Groves voted Person of the Year by Mirror staff

Every year, The Mirror chooses to honor one person on Drury’s campus who the staff feels is impactful and whose presence at Drury is irreplaceable. This year, Shewmaker’s own Dr. Jonathan Groves, Department Chair, was selected as the honoree for his dedication to students. Continue reading


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Annual Drury Awards showcase Communication students, faculty

In addition to the Shewmaker Awards, every year, Drury hands out awards to outstanding students, faculty, and organizations on campus that represent the best and brightest of all of Drury. There are many awards to be given out, some of which are department- or program- specific, but Communications students and faculty rolled in a variety of the awards this year. Continue reading

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Drury students travel to Ecuador to begin work on non-profit

April 16, 2016 began as a normal day for the residents of the northeastern coast of Ecuador, but at around 7 pm, tragedy struck the country as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled the Earth beneath them, leaving over 670 dead and 16,600 injured.

In response to the disaster that took from the already-poor country, two Drury alumns, Jorge Nadal Volckaert and Juan Fernando Calderon, and one current student, Masha Podokshik, felt compelled to help the people affected.

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