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Annual Drury Awards showcase Communication students, faculty

In addition to the Shewmaker Awards, every year, Drury hands out awards to outstanding students, faculty, and organizations on campus that represent the best and brightest of all of Drury. There are many awards to be given out, some of which are department- or program- specific, but Communications students and faculty rolled in a variety of the awards this year. Continue reading


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Drury students travel to Ecuador to begin work on non-profit

April 16, 2016 began as a normal day for the residents of the northeastern coast of Ecuador, but at around 7 pm, tragedy struck the country as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled the Earth beneath them, leaving over 670 dead and 16,600 injured.

In response to the disaster that took from the already-poor country, two Drury alumns, Jorge Nadal Volckaert and Juan Fernando Calderon, and one current student, Masha Podokshik, felt compelled to help the people affected.

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Student Spotlight: Albert Lloyd


Using LinkedIn to get LinkeDUp with the Drury network

Senior advertising and public relations major Albert Lloyd is just a few months away from launching his professional career. To prepare for life after college, Albert is updating his resume and brushing up on his interviewing skills. But that isn’t all. He is immersing himself in the world of LinkedIn so that he can help himself…and his peers…take the job scene by storm.

During the Fall 2014 semester in Senior Seminar, Albert developed a Signature Project to educate Drury students on the importance of LinkedIn and the benefits of having a strong presence on the professional networking site. A 2014 article by U.S. News and World Report points to the striking reality that “94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates.”

“I wanted to help students prepare for their future after college. Dr. Waters suggested I look more into the role that LinkedIn can play in helping students establish a personal brand while building a professional network.”

As part of his project, Albert planned and facilitated a LinkedIn workshop for students. The event provided students with professional headshots and critiques of their LinkedIn profiles.

” I wanted to make sure students had the tools to create a powerful profile, one that is complete and stands out. I also wanted students to know that when they are on LinkedIn, they are investing their time in building their future, not just wasting time like they might do on other social networks.”

linkeduplogo%5b2%5d-1Given the positive response to his fall workshop, Albert decided he wanted to do more. This spring he volunteered to serve on a campus committee for the Drury University LinkeDUp initiative, a movement that seeks to empower alumni, students, staff, and faculty to create a strong LinkedIn presence around the Drury brand. The official roll out of the LinkeDUp initiative will take place in the fall 2015 semester, but Albert is hosting student-focused workshops this spring in order to spark student awareness of the power of LinkedIn.

“There are many features you can use to find jobs or establish connections. If you plan to move after graduation, you can see if there are alumni in that area who can help you with the transition or even assist you in tracking  down job leads.” 

In addition to his work on the LinkeDUp initiative, Albert is active member of Drury’s AD Team. He was recently selected by his peers to serve as one of the five team presenters at the National Student Advertising Competition (District 9 event) in Kansas City on April 17. The team will pitch its integrated marketing communication proposal for Pizza Hut. While at Drury, Albert was also a swimmer on the Swimming and Diving team where he earned the honor of NCAA All- American swimmer.

In order to gain additional professional insights, Albert is interning at Arc of the Ozarks as a public relations and special events intern. In this role he helped plan the annual Hunt and Fish Outdoor Show at the Springfield Expo Center where he acted as the master of ceremonies. The event raised much needed funds for this nonprofit organization.

“It is great to be a part of something that is doing such amazing things for people in the community.

What’s next for Albert? He just bought a one-way ticket to New York City. Connect with him on LinkedIn to find out the rest of the story.

Note:  The LinkeDUp logo was created by Danielle Linderman, a senior visual communication major and intern in Drury’s Marketing and Communications office.

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Crowd funding at its finest

Thanks to the generosity of nearly 100 donors, our CauseMomentum fundraising campaign was a success. We raised $5,105 to update a classroom in the Shewmaker Communication Center. We are grateful for the support of our students, alumni, colleagues, and Friends of COMM. A special thank you to senior Kari Hanson who took the lead in organizing and promoting this project. Kari’s enthusiasm and hard work ensured the success of this campaign.  Our goal is to unveil the new improvements by the end of the Spring 2015 semester. Stay tuned for celebration details!
*Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Carolyn Adams

Tiffany Allen

Samantha Behen

Jackie Brandhorst

Whitney Brown

Sheila Haskins and Dwight Buzzell

Bruce Callen

Caleb Cohoon

Dave Corner

Kaitlyn Den Beste


Ed Derr

Staci Dreyer

Nicole Dunning – Weaverling

Molly Erickson

Sonja Garrett

Abby Glenn

Erin Gollhofer

Andrea Graddy

Casey Grismer

Dr. Jonathan Groves


Sara Hammond

Paul and Paige Hanson

Cassie Hanson Riewer

Andrea Harp

Jen Hellmich


In Memory of Libby Hill

Rebecca Hodous

Luke Hofmann

Krista Hood

Amanda Hornick


Mykesha Jackson

Molly Katharine Riddle

Adam Kilker

Benjamin Lamb

Reid Larson


Matthew Lemmon

 Brian Leonhardt

 Danielle Lindermann

 Jann Loeb Holland

 Liz Mabe


Staci Malikowski

Susan Malikowski Hanson

Lindsay Martin

Amy Maas

Rick Maxson


Jackie Meyle

Ricardo Moreno

Brenda Noland

Brie Ott

Aimee Peterson


James Pikul

Beth Pile

Mallory Price

Maria Reardon

Dionne Reese

Christa Rieger

Jeff Riggins

Aaron Robinson

Cathy Robinson

Jacquelyn Schoppa


Kaitlyn Schwers

Kristina Seel

Millie Sharp

Brian Shipman

Emily Shook


Jason and Cyndi Skinner

Jessica Snider

Chase Snider

Julie Sonnenberg Baumgart

Robin Sronce


Sam Stoll

Allyson Strickland

Charles and Jan Taylor

Janet Vigen Levy

Taylor Wagner


Samuel Warne

Regina Waters

Caitlin Weiler

Caitlin Weins

Johanna Westall


Kristen Westerman

Logan Whittmore

Danielle Wise

Jon Woodson

Dani York-Maag

Jani Zatezalo Rogers

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Student news: Desirae Fowler and Chloe Foster put web design skills to work

Web Communication: Two success stories from the Fall 2014 semester

Web Communication (COMM 386) is one part web design, one part writing, and a whole lot of creative problem solving. Each semester, students work with Dr. Jonathan Groves, associate professor of communication, to create or redesign a website. It’s a challenging course, but students Desirae Fowler and Chloe Foster prove the outcomes are worth the effort.

desRedesigning for the greater good.

Desirae Fowler, a senior marketing and management major, accepted the challenge of redesigning a website for Stand Against Trafficking, a local coalition established in Springfield, Missouri, that strives to raise awareness of human trafficking in the U.S. Since the group had a working website, Desirae had to make sure it remained usable while updating its design and content.

An additional challenge was finding the best way to present the topic and relevant content without exploiting the issue.

” I am not an expert on human trafficking, so it was difficult to decide what content should be on the website and how it should be displayed due to sensitive nature of the issue. You want to pull the audience in with emotional appeals, but you don’t with to exploit anyone or the issue. It was hard finding the perfect balance.”

Desirae is proud of the site she created. The homepage features statistics that make readers think and she developed a variety of pages — “Get educated” “Take a stand” and “Make a difference” — that allow visitors to access the information they need in just a few clicks.

“My hard work paid off and I’m pleased with my website, though there is always room for improvements. It’s gratifying helping others and I’m happy I could help the Stand Against Trafficking coalition redesign its website.”

Now that she has completed Web Communication, Desirae is certain her experience in this area will be useful in her professional career.  

“Not only have I experimented with programs that many businesses utilize, but I worked closely with a client and built a website around their mission and needs. Being able to maintain professionalism is important in my job.”

C_FosterBuilding one for the team  

Student-athlete Chloe Foster, an advertising and public relations major who plays on Drury’s volleyball team, came up with the idea for the Drury Volleyball “Go Behind the Scenes” website after a conversation with her coach.

“My coaches mentioned that they wanted a way for recruits to get to know the team when we aren’t available to meet with them. I wanted to create a site that recruits could visit to learn what it is like to be a college athlete, and where they could get to know the players on more personal level.”

Chloe’s website features profiles of  team members, a Q/A page where recruits can learn more about Drury volleyball, and a behind the scenes look at the team. She’s pleased that the website can be an important asset to the team during the recruitment process.

In addition to helping the team, she also gained a personal benefit.

“I can take the skills I learned in class and use them in a future job. Knowing how to build a website and create a web presence is important because the internet is how people get their information now, and many businesses need people that can help  them do this.”

Download an informative handout on the Web Communication and Design minor.