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Annual Drury Awards showcase Communication students, faculty

In addition to the Shewmaker Awards, every year, Drury hands out awards to outstanding students, faculty, and organizations on campus that represent the best and brightest of all of Drury. There are many awards to be given out, some of which are department- or program- specific, but Communications students and faculty rolled in a variety of the awards this year. Continue reading


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Crowd funding at its finest

Thanks to the generosity of nearly 100 donors, our CauseMomentum fundraising campaign was a success. We raised $5,105 to update a classroom in the Shewmaker Communication Center. We are grateful for the support of our students, alumni, colleagues, and Friends of COMM. A special thank you to senior Kari Hanson who took the lead in organizing and promoting this project. Kari’s enthusiasm and hard work ensured the success of this campaign.  Our goal is to unveil the new improvements by the end of the Spring 2015 semester. Stay tuned for celebration details!
*Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Carolyn Adams

Tiffany Allen

Samantha Behen

Jackie Brandhorst

Whitney Brown

Sheila Haskins and Dwight Buzzell

Bruce Callen

Caleb Cohoon

Dave Corner

Kaitlyn Den Beste


Ed Derr

Staci Dreyer

Nicole Dunning – Weaverling

Molly Erickson

Sonja Garrett

Abby Glenn

Erin Gollhofer

Andrea Graddy

Casey Grismer

Dr. Jonathan Groves


Sara Hammond

Paul and Paige Hanson

Cassie Hanson Riewer

Andrea Harp

Jen Hellmich


In Memory of Libby Hill

Rebecca Hodous

Luke Hofmann

Krista Hood

Amanda Hornick


Mykesha Jackson

Molly Katharine Riddle

Adam Kilker

Benjamin Lamb

Reid Larson


Matthew Lemmon

 Brian Leonhardt

 Danielle Lindermann

 Jann Loeb Holland

 Liz Mabe


Staci Malikowski

Susan Malikowski Hanson

Lindsay Martin

Amy Maas

Rick Maxson


Jackie Meyle

Ricardo Moreno

Brenda Noland

Brie Ott

Aimee Peterson


James Pikul

Beth Pile

Mallory Price

Maria Reardon

Dionne Reese

Christa Rieger

Jeff Riggins

Aaron Robinson

Cathy Robinson

Jacquelyn Schoppa


Kaitlyn Schwers

Kristina Seel

Millie Sharp

Brian Shipman

Emily Shook


Jason and Cyndi Skinner

Jessica Snider

Chase Snider

Julie Sonnenberg Baumgart

Robin Sronce


Sam Stoll

Allyson Strickland

Charles and Jan Taylor

Janet Vigen Levy

Taylor Wagner


Samuel Warne

Regina Waters

Caitlin Weiler

Caitlin Weins

Johanna Westall


Kristen Westerman

Logan Whittmore

Danielle Wise

Jon Woodson

Dani York-Maag

Jani Zatezalo Rogers

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Senior Kari Hanson uses crowd funding to improve a classroom

So Uncomfortable

Kari Hanson (on floor) is joined by #ShewCrew pals Taylor Curtis (left) and Whitney Brown to request your project support.

As senior Kari Hanson was selecting her focus for a Signature Project, she was fairly certain that new media would play a role in her efforts. She soon selected an opportunity to learn about crowd funding and set the goal of transforming a ordinary Shewmaker classroom into a modern, student-friendly environment.

This fall Kari began working with Drury’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations to develop a fundraising project on Cause Momentum, a project funding site coordinated by The Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Kari aims to raise $4,000 by late December to buy new desks and chairs for Shewmaker 219, a classroom that features the latest instructional technology but outdated seating. In the first seven days of project launch, Kari raised $2,600 — enough to buy 20 new adjustable height student desks.

How did she do it? She took to social media to spread the word about the need to update a classroom.

The desk-chair combinations currently in use were purchased in 1988. They were not designed to hold laptops nor do they facilitate collaborate learning. For Phase II of the funding project, we would like raise an additional $1,400 to buy new chairs to accompany the new desks.

Dr. Waters with a Shewmaker desk and chair combo.

Dr. Waters with a Shewmaker desk and chair combo.

As of Nov. 17, we have about $1,000 more to go; however, we only have 29 days remaining in the project window to raise the money.

So far, 53 donors have given anywhere between $1 and $500 each to support our initiative. We are grateful for the vote of confidence from our alumni, parents, students, and friends of COMM.

Please help by sharing our Cause Momentum project through your social media and please consider making a donation. Every dollar puts us closer to full project funding.

Like Drury Communication Department on Facebook to follow our project updates.