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Zac RantzZac Rantz, director of communication for Nixa Public Schools, has released his first book, Hindsight:  Lessons learned from the Joplin tornado and other crisis events. Contributing to the book is Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith, Nixa superintendent.

The Joplin school district was hit hard by this event, but through the chaos, many lessons for schools can be learned. Looking back at the days, weeks, and months after the tornado, as well as other crisis events, this book asks questions and gives answers to help schools better prepare for a crisis.

Zac, along with other communication colleagues, worked in Joplin in the weeks, months, and years after the tornado to help the school district get back on its feet.  The book offers insights from Zac’s experiences in Joplin as well as his efforts to develop a crisis communication plan for Nixa schools.   The book offers guidance to school administrators on how to prepare for a crisis.

Zac earned a bachelor’s in secondary English education and master’s in integrated marketing communication from Drury. Prior to his current position, he taught English and journalism at Nixa High School.

For his work in communications, he has been recognized with numerous honors including “20 Under 30” for 417 Magazine, “Rookie of the Year” for MOSPRA, “Men of the Year” from the Springfield Business Journal, “35 Under 35” in the nation for the National School Public Relations Association, and the 2014 national “Leadership Through Communication” award from the American Association of School Administrators and the National School Public Relations Association.

Zac’s free time is spent as the lead singer for Human Anyway, a local band whose singles are played in markets across the nation.

A portion of the proceeds from Hindsight:  Lessons learned from the Joplin tornado and other crisis events will go to Joplin schools to help with recovery efforts.